The security systems market offers a wide range of companies and equipment for these purposes. Which alarm system is better to buy and what to look for when choosing? This article will consider one of the best options – Brickhouse Security.

Brickhouse Security – a perfect alternative for security and surveillance solutions

Today, the issue of real estate protection is acute both for owners of city apartments and for people living in private homes. Manufacturers offer a variety of equipment that differs in the principle of operation, functionality, and cost.

Brickhouse Security is a famous security company based in New York, which offers one of the best home security systems known for its flexibility and customer service. This top-rated company provides the following products: alarm systems, GPS trackers, security cameras, and hidden cameras. So, let`s analyze these devices.

Alarm systems

Today, you can choose both a ready-made alarm kit and individual sensors to perform specific tasks. The catalog of security systems for homes and cottage offers the following types of alarms:

  • The first type – an autonomous alarm, works exclusively to scare the thief and attract the attention of others. It is reasonable to use such an alarm system if the house is under round-the-clock protection.
  • The second type is a remote control alarm. In case of unauthorized intrusion, the control panel will transmit an alarm signal to the operator, who will send a rapid response team to the protected object.

Remote devices have the advantages of:

  • they can be installed in rooms where there is no connection (telephone, internet);
  • the operation does not require additional investment (subscription fee);
  • a sound or light signal effectively acts on the psyche of the attacker, preventing illegal actions.

GPS trackers

If you often lose things or want to track the location of the object – the right decision would be to buy a GPS tracker. It will remind you of forgotten things and indicate where to look for them, which will allow you to follow the child or pet in real-time.

GPS trackers can be divided into several categories:

  • Search keys with GPS;
  • A single digital key for all passwords;
  • Smart LifeSmart Tag – for small items, keys, or wallet;
  • Bookmarks – for concealed installation on the car and to prevent theft

Security cameras

Brickhouse Security offers a wide range of CCTV cameras, offering quality products. The main task of a video surveillance camera is to transmit the image through the lens and filters to the light-sensitive matrix, from where the signal through the processor comes to the operator’s monitor, server, DVR, or mobile device.

Hidden cameras

The cameras can continuously monitor and transmit data remotely. You will be able to get a reliable idea of each recorded object, to consider in detail passers-by and visitors, to recognize the distinctive features of the cars caught in the frame.

Remote configuration support of the company

Brickhouse Security provides software bundled with the equipment. By installing the application on your mobile phone, you can remotely check the system status and make changes to the alarm management. How the customization is supported by the owner of the alarm and the security company? There are the following points:

  • The application is being installed.
  • Register: enter a valid phone number and email address.
  • Confirm the registration code received on the specified mail.
  • Enter the name of the hub (any) and the serial number of their devices.
  • After registration in the system, sensors, a hub, GSM communication, and battery charge appear on the screen.